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The “Forks in the Road” series is a sometimes fun sometimes serious examination of the process, influences, and results of decision-making throughout our lives. What information or advice is available? How will we recognize or remember those key points in our lives?

My observations, provided in both informational and storytelling formats, cover many age groups and assist readers in better decision-making in their own lives.  Sometimes good advice is available, and we just need to find it and consider it.

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"A Summer With Grandpa"

This will be the second book in the series and is still in development.  Many cultures revere the wisdom and experience that comes from the living of life, over many years.  Our world may have instant answers through technology, but it misses the full flavor and context of lessons shared through the story-telling by our elders.  This book combines the innocence and acceptance of youth with the slower pace and reflection that comes with older age.  Again there are positive characters and a fun approach.  The "wisdom" shared is very applicable to our lives in the modern world. 

Expected publication date is Fall 2017. You can help support this book below. 

“Please support this project with a donation to our GoFundMe campaign” Click here

Forks in the Road

Book Series


This first book in the series deals with decisions made in the college years and their impact on subsequent years of the lives of our characters. An informal reunion of a tight group of friends spurs memories of the fun times, but also reflection upon key decision points that affected each of their lives. Friendships are rekindled and the potential for romance may emerge as friends start to see each other in a new light. Readers that have graduated from college should recognize themselves (or friends) in some of the characters and perhaps recall the key advice they received -- and chose to follow… or not.

“Please support this project with a donation to our GoFundMe campaign” Click here

Summer with Grandpa
meet the author

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About the Author

Bob Mikals is an entrepreneur and business owner.  He is married with 4 grown children. He has coached children in sports, and guided many interns in his businesses.  He is currently pursuing his vision for the "Forks in the Road" series of books, which focuses on the decision-making process of children and students, and how it affects their future success and happiness in life.  To contact Bob directly, please email

In addition, he is working on the MySmartPath project, which is focused on building tools to guide parents and student users and build skills for better decision making for career, college, and other life choices.  For more information on the MySmartPath project, please go to

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