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From ... "A Summer with Grandpa"

   The next morning was still rainy and dull when Grandpa arrived in his truck to put up the curtain

rods. The kids seemed listless, following Grandpa from room to room and complaining about the

weather. “There,” Grandpa said as he finished up in the boys’ room. “And look at that,” he said, pulling

back the curtain, “the sun’s coming out.” He turned toward the kids and said, “I think it’s the perfect

day for a Lakepoint Harbor adventure or two.”

   “Adventure?” Michael asked. “What kind of adventure?”

   “Let’s find out,” Grandpa said as he quickly talked to Jen and shepherded the kids out the front

door. The kids ran toward the old pickup truck as Grandpa said, “No need to take old ‘ornery’ out. We

can walk to our adventures.”

   “Walk? Are we going fishing, Grandpa?” Charlie asked, jumping over a puddle. Michael

watched, chose a bigger puddle, and jumped over it. “Bet you can’t jump over that one,” he crowed to

Charlie, who promptly did just that, barely making it.

   They headed down their street for several blocks, then turned left. “It’s funny to walk

everywhere,” Michael said. “We always drove places at our old house.”


   “You don’t need to drive everywhere here,” Grandpa said as they slowed their walking. “First

stop on our adventure. You are about to be officially inducted as members of Lakepoint Harbor in one

of the most important buildings in the village.”

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